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The next IgNight Fire Flow Conference will be on May 8th, 2015.

  Thank you for all your support and patronage. Because of your involvement, IgNight has grown from a collective dream into a full blown reality. The San Bernardino Fire Marshals, the Joshua Tree Sheriff department and the Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce appreciate and welcome our community gathering. They invite us to keep on teaching, learning and improving our skills up in Joshua Tree.

  IgNight is a 3 day Fire Flow Community Celebration in Southern California, designed to provide a fun, educational and community environment for spinners from all over the world. More than 120 workshops in three days! At least 8 classes going on concurrently at all times of the day and a nightly spin jam with flow music for you to practice new moves. Flow enthusiasts of all skill levels are invited to attend this communal opportunity for growth and development as a fire artist. 500 artists will gather to learn, teach, and advance together in the flow arts.

This is an alcohol free event.
For more information please contact: info@ignightfestival.com

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